Monograph: Australian Architects: Ken Woolley – RAIA 1985

A.S.Hook RAIA Gold Medal Address Sydney 1994 ‘State of the Art’

Walter Burley Griffin Memorial Lecture Canberra 1997 ‘Give Art a Chance’

Address ‘A Pitch of Magnificence’ Academy of Technological Science & Engineering, 2001


                                        Monograph: The Master Architect Series IV Ken Woolley and Ancher Mortlock &

                                        Woolley Selected and Current Works 1999

                                              Limited numbers available on Amazon.com


                                        Works – Drawings by Ken Woolley. Published by Images, Exhibition 2002

                                         Limited number of author’s copies available. Email - kwoolley@bigpond.net.au

                                               Available through The Images Publishing Group email - books@images.com.au

                                               Also available second hand through Amazon.com

                                        ‘Reviewing the Performance, The Design of the Sydney Opera House,‘

                                         Ken Woolley, Watermark Press 2010

                                         Available at art and architecture bookshops including the SOH Bookshop or from The

                                               Watermark Press email - books@bigpond.net.au


                                         ‘Making Marks, Drawings by Ken Woolley,’ Watermark Press 2013

                                               Available through The Watermark Press email - books@bigpond.net.au